Dog driving boat - domainerHave you ever wondered if you really qualify as a domainer or not? Check out the fun list below and if you get more than a few, you might very well be on your way to living the domainer good life!

You know you’re a Domainer when…

* You develop Carpal Tunnel from clicking refresh to see if your domain name sold.

* Your Mother-in-law still doesn’t understand what you do for a living.

* Your spouse gets the registry bill and passes out.

* You search available domain names while sick in bed.

* You’ve shaken Rick Schwartz’s hand and refuse to wash it for a week.

* You visit the website and finally “get it”.

* Your boss calls to tell you you’re fired and you try to sell him his name in a .com

* You plan your family vacation around your favorite domain conference.

* You find yourself yelling at the TV when a brand advertises their new crappy 50 letter domain name.

* Your inbox is filled with offers to sell you web design, SEO services, or the .us for your “special” domain.

* You set as your homepage.

* Matt Cutts has personally shut down one of your sites.

With the gloomy predictions about the economy and the holiday shopping rush underway, it’s good to take a moment to lighten up and have a laugh. No matter what the news says I’m remaining hopeful for 2013 and believe if you have focus, passion and determination, there is nothing that is beyond your reach!

Till Next Tme,
Cara Mia

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