Jack Donaghy on the Lottery and TaxAfter searching the internet for information on domaining and taxes and not coming up with much, I was thrilled to finally find a book that was written exclusively for domainers!

If you are serious about being a domainer and want to make sure your “assets” are covered, The Domain Tax Guide will help you understand the different ways to structure your domain business and help you navigate the world of taxes so that you don’t get hammered.

There is so much information, I think my eyes started to glaze over toward the end but it answered pertinent questions that I hadn’t been able to find elsewhere. This book is essential if you invest, flip, park, monetize, develop or lease domains!

•    How do I classify domain income?
•    How do I deduct domain expenses?
•    How do I report capital gains & losses?
•    Is a domain like a trademark?
•    Sole proprietorship, corporation or LLC?
•    Cash or accrual method of accounting?
•    Do I depreciate or amortize my domain costs?
•    Can I deduct a domain name given to charity?
•    What is active vs. passive income (and why do I care)?
•    Where do I incorporate my business?
•    And more!

Domain Tax Guide Ebook

The Domain Tax Guide is an ebook in .pdf format, delivered to you via email within 24 hours (usually sooner).

Whether you prepare your own taxes or have an accountant, I can’t express enough how useful The Domain Tax Guide is for those in the domain industry. It is packed with helpful information for domainers and is relatively easy to understand. I’m glad I bought it and hope it will answer some questions for you as well!

Till Next Time,
Cara Mia

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