internet keyboardWhether you’re  new to domaining, starting your first blog, or enjoy learning about business in general, it’s good to get insight from those who are successful in your industry. I’ve learned a great deal over the past few years from people who have been thoughtful enough to share their experiences online and I hope can do the same for you. To get you started I have compiled a list of awesome sites that you can reference. Some have great information and some are just cool people that have inspired me along the way.

So check out the resources page, I will be adding to it as the site grows.

I know I still have alot to learn but I can’t express enough how excited I am to be a part of the domain industry at this point in time! Sure it would have been cool to be involved 20 years ago before anyone really knew what the internet was, but there is still a chance to get in and stake your claim if you have vision, determination, and the right attitude. Any business you get into requires patience……timing is key. If you’re doing something just for the money you will find yourself burnt out and angry after awhile. Find what you love to do, learn everything you can about that business and don’t give up! Some of the most successful people didn’t “figure things out” until much later in life, and they didn’t necessarily have it all together at the time.

The New Year is almost here. I’m not one for hollow resolutions but I will predict that this next year is going to kick ass! Are you ready?

Cara Mia





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