nepoleon dynamite one percentI was working on a post about monetizing blogs and websites when I received a friend’s newsletter in my inbox. After reading it I immediately knew I wanted to switch gears and post about his email. My friend’s name is Patrick Wanis and I met him many years ago when he was working on a project with my husband. I have had the pleasure of watching Patrick’s career as a Human Behavior Expert and Life Coach take off over the years, as he has garnered the attention of the press and celebrities alike.

In today’s email Patrick shared some insights from Steve Siebold’s book “How Rich People Think”.  I truly believe that people who are self-made millionaires have different beliefs about themselves and a different mindset than the average person and these insights from Steve’s book echo that exactly.

Here are 11 lessons (chapter headings and quotes) from Steve’s book “How Rich People Think”:

1.     Middle class focuses on saving; world class focuses on earning.

2.     The middle class sees money through the eyes of emotion. The world class sees money through the eyes of logic.  “Most people never accumulate much money due to a series of self-limiting beliefs fueled by negative emotion.”

3.     The middle class plays it safe. The world class takes calculated risks. “One group stays awake worrying about losing what they have, while the other can’t sleep because they’re dreaming of what’s possible.”

4.     Middle class is waiting to be rescued from mediocrity. World class knows no one is coming to the rescue.

5.     The middle class believes building wealth is a solitary effort. The world class believes it’s a team effort. “The average person (is) paid for the result of their individual effort; The rich see themselves as team leaders.”

6.     Middle class believes money is earned through labor. World class believes money is earned through thought.

7.     The middle class believes ambition is a sin. The world class believes ambition is a virtue. “Remove the profit motive from the equation, and you take away the incentive for world-class thinkers to direct their mental energy towards (solving) major challenges in society the average person knows this, but labeling the rich as sinners absolves them from having to make the effort to become wealthy.”

8.     The middle class believes they must choose between a great family life or being rich. The world class knows you can have it all. “Figure out how to be more efficient with your time, so you have plenty to spend.”

9.     The middle class sets their financial expectations low so they’re never disappointed. The world class sets their financial expectations high so they’re always excited. “No one would ever strike it rich and live their dreams without huge expectations. Ancient wisdom says you get what you expect.”

10.    Middle class believes hard work creates wealth. World class believes leverage creates wealth.

11.    Middle class believes rich are crooks. World class believes rich are ambitious.

I know there are a lot of people out there that are hurting financially and emotionally. The last thing you want to hear is that your thinking may be wrong but I can tell you first hand that once you change your thoughts your actions will follow. No matter what situation you are in you have the power to change what you focus on. It takes effort at first and sometimes the results you want will not happen overnight but if you stay the course, use your time wisely and meditate on what you want instead of what you don’t want, I guarantee your life will start to change.

It is very important that you watch what comes out of your mouth because your mind will automatically begin to process what you say, and will eventually steer you in that direction if you say it enough. For example, do you find yourself saying things like “I just can’t afford it.” “I’m on a fixed income.” “Well, money doesn’t grow on trees!” “I’m always a day late and a dollar short.”  Maybe there are phrases you heard your parents say as a kid and they are now a part of your vocabulary. If you are constantly saying negative things about your finances, that is exactly what you are going to get. I’m not saying that you deny the problem and act like everything is great, but instead of talking about what is wrong all the time try speaking positive words. Say things like, “My financial situation is improving every day.” “I will be debt free.” “I am going to be the next internet millionaire.” You may not see the changes immediately but they will come eventually. Your mind will start to process this new information and will guide you accordingly.

When my husband and I were first married, his business went under and we went through some really hard times. There were days where we didn’t have enough money for a cup of coffee. It was so stressful going to the grocery store not knowing if we would have to put some items back or if a credit card would be declined. I remember taking a walk with him one night and passing by a P.F. Changs restaurant. I don’t even like Chinese food that much but it smelled so delicious! I fought back tears knowing that there was no way we could afford a meal there.

It has taken years of learning, growing and going through stuff, to get to a place where I can now write about my experiences. I want you to be successful! I want to save you some time and get you to change your thinking and beliefs about yourself if they are not in line with who you want to become. I know this may seem off topic for this blog but I believe that if you want to be a successful domainer, blogger or any kind of entrepreneur, you must first start with having the right mindset and beliefs about yourself, the rest will follow.

Till Next Time,
Cara Mia

P.S. Although I monetize my site and will be writing a post about how you can make money on your site soon, this post is not an ad or affiliate post for money, I just really think Patrick is great! You can visit his site here.

Patrick Wanis

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